Tips for Long Distance Relationships

When you are in a relationship for years and are deeply in love with each other, only a few things can rock your boat, right? So, after being in a relationship with her boyfriend for seven years, when 29-year-old Rashi Saxena had to move to a different country to take up a lucrative job offer, she had no idea that distance can wreak havoc in their lives. Her boyfriend, who was five years older than her, wanted to take their relationship to the next level by tying the knot. But she needed a year to stabilize her career. Unfortunately, that year was the most difficult period they ever faced.
“We were totally dependent on our phones and since both were in different time zones, finding a suitable time was the biggest challenge. As a result, fights between us became very frequent and there were moments when we feared it will draw us apart,” said Rashi.

How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Welcome to the world of long-distance relationships where the couples not only have to overcome the physical distance but emotional and mental differences too to keep their relationship alive. Lack of communication can lead to frequent fights, which most couples complain about. According to relationship experts, if a couple in a long-distance relationship wants to rekindle the romance and make-up after a fight, they need to find something that they can do together, even with miles of distance between them. “Things such as video calling each day, sharing their interests with each other, starting a common activity together—such as cooking together while they watch each other on a video call or starting a new TV series together can also take their mind off of the little issues that tend to develop. It will also give them something wherein both will have a say and the decision will be mutual,” said Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh, HOD of Holistic Medicine and Psychology in Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon.

Other tips to make a long-distance relationship more interesting include sending gifts, celebrating small and romantic moments, etc. “Couples in a long-distance relationship can also send small gifts such as flowers or a card, with little messages of how those things remind them of each other. One more idea can be that they can have a video dinner date at their respective places, wherein they order the same kind of food and have a candlelit dinner over a video call. Lastly, it’s the thought that counts and the gestures don’t have to be big or grand but full of love,” added Dr. Singh.

Yes, whether you are in a long-distance relationship or stay close to each other, what matters the most are your thoughts, gestures and efforts to keep each other happy and in love. So, have you done something lately to make your partner feel wanted? If not, take help from these tips and do the needful.